Bench Capital Advisory

M&A and Corporate Finance Solutions
for Mid Market Companies

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Selling Your Business Acquiring a Business Management Buyout Bank Financing Sub-Debt Alternative Financing Recapitalization

When decisions are too consequential
for cookie-cutter approach

You built your business over the past few decades. 

You are now looking to exit the business 

but don’t know where to go. 

 You need an M&A Advisory firm to help you 

execute a process that is unique to your needs and 

maximizes the value of your business. 


Sound Advice

Your company goes through many business cycles.  Bench Capital Advisory team can help your middle-market business navigate financial complexities associated with each of these cycles.

Reliable Execution

You need a well-designed sale process that liberates your time, minimizes business disruptions and enhances your business’ valuation.  Most of all, you need a buyer that will preserve your legacy.

Building Relationships

For our firm to succeed, we build successful relationships with you as our client.

This requires working closely with you so that we understand your financial objectives.                         Together we will implement a strategic plan designed to achieve them.

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