Bench Capital Advisory

Financial Advisory with a Purpose

About Us

Bench Capital is a financial advisory firm that serves mid-size businesses in Canada. Our purpose is to help clients secure financing, execute growth strategies, and achieve successful M&A outcomes.

You can leverage our global relationships and expertise in mid-market transactions to maximize your company’s value and achieve your financial goals.

Need Advice?

Companies go through several growth stages and Bench Capital’s advisory experts can make sense of the middle-market business when you need it most.

On Site

Being where the business happens makes it possible to understand complex situations faster, thus providing superior middle-market business advisory.

Independent Advice
Our exclusive focus on corporate finance and M&A advisory services differentiates us from banks and accounting firms and gives you the benefit of conflict-free advice. Since our firm’s success is determined by the quality and execution of our advice, our interests are aligned with yours.
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Confidential Process
We understand the pressures that business owners, executives, and board members face when evaluating significant financial decisions. Our commitment to confidentiality enables you to discuss the most sensitive aspects of your business with trustworthy advisors in a professional environment.
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Client Centric
Our initial priority in any new engagement is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your individual business goals and preferences. This allows us to design a process around achieving the results that matter to you and ensures that our approach addresses each of your key concerns.
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Building Long-term Relationships

For our firm to succeed, we must build successful long-term relationships with our clients.

This requires working closely with every client to ensure that we understand their objectives and have implemented a solid strategic plan designed to achieve them.

Our Partners