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Organic Growth and Acquisition Financing

Bench Capital’s corporate finance services are available to mid-market clients seeking debt financing. Whether you need financing to expand organically or through M&A, Bench Capital can help you negotiate attractive terms for traditional and subordinated debt. We objectively manage the credit application process independent of any single financial institution to ensure competition among capital providers, so your business receives the most favorable deal terms possible.

Before approaching traditional and alternative lenders, our advisors will determine the financing solution that best meets the needs of your company. Our experience working with banks and lending institutions enables us to quickly identify the best financing source for your situation. Our corporate finance services include the following.

Traditional Bank Financing

At Bench Capital, we expedite growth and acquisitions by providing access to capital for our mid-market clients. We work with major financial institutions across Canada, U.S. and in some circumstances, globally. We structure your credit and source the most suitable financial provider based on your company’s size, transaction type, location and industry.

Our extensive experience with lenders gives us unique insights into the specific criteria they use in approving financing requests. This, coupled with our proven risk-assessment methodologies and iterative process, increase the probability of approval.

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Subordinated Debt Financing

If senior debt alone is not suitable for your current financial profile, subordinated debt can offer a non-dilutive or minimally dilutive financing alternative to sourcing equity capital.

Our expertise will help you understand the implications of adding a layer of subordinated debt to your company’s capital structure.

Alternative Financing

Bench Capital’s expertise in alternative financing options, such as asset-based lending, purchase order financing, and royalty financing, can help businesses with unconventional needs secure financing.

These non-dilutive financing options can offer viable solutions to your financial needs if traditional financing is unavailable.

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Unexpected downturns can quickly erode the financial strength of your business.

If your balance sheet is weak and existing debt is straining your operations, our team can help you assess potential alternatives to restore financial stability to your company.